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BAK Buyer’s Guide | Tonneau Covers & Truck Accessories

A tonneau cover worthy of the attention

The world leader in tonneau covers, BAK Industries has been proving that it’s possible to make a well-designed and aesthetically appealing cover while still providing coverage demanded by customers: durability strength or extreme toughness. With 9 specially designed styles for every need there's no wonder this company is number one!

Folding Tonneau Covers

BAKFlip MX4 Matte Black

Invest in a more upgraded tonneau cover today. With its matte black finish and heavy-duty aluminum panels, you are guaranteed protection, security functionality along with style like no other truck bed has ever done! Plus installation is hassle free so it will be worth every penny spent

  • Upgraded tailgate seals

  • Upgraded latch housing components

  • Heavy-duty aluminum panels

  • Integrated buckle system

  • UV & scratch resistant

  • Maximum water resistance

BAKFlip G2

This cover will be your new favorite way to protect that big truck from the elements. It's made with an aluminum frame and water resistant material, so you don't have to worry about getting wet when hauling home groceries or other valuable cargo in bad weather! No drilling required either; just install this on top of what ya already got - there are no difficult adjustments necessary due to easy installation process which includes only two brackets (one each side).

  • Best selling tonneau cover on the market

  • All-aluminum frame and panel exterior

  • Supports 300 pounds evenly distributed

  • Low-profile, sleek look

BAKFlip F1

Whether you're looking to protect your truck bed from the elements or add some extra style, BAKFlip's F1 tonneau cover is an excellent choice. This particular model features a sleek aluminum exterior with fiberglass top and frames that are designed for maximum performance in any environment - not just on road! The flush hinge keeps it well protected against harsh weather conditions while still providing enough flexibility so as not interfere with rail installations where they may be contacting various surfaces around parking lots.

  • Reduces wind drag with its 90-degree folding capability

  • Tough latches ensures secured locking

  • Heavy duty rubber hinges and side seals are made from EPDM synthetic rubber

  • Designed to perfectly match BAK accessories for a complete bed protection

BAKFlip Fibermax

The BAKFlip Fibermax is a durable and functional tonneau cover that can be operated on both sides of your truck. This premium fiberglass material will protect you from impact, while shifting cargo protects against damage during operation! The aluminum framework ensures long lasting use with its rubber bumpers - it's perfect for any driver looking to maximize their space inside or outside the cab thanks in part due this great innovation by BAKFlip.

  • Features rust-proof EPDM hinge and slam latch system

  • Rubber seals are scuff-resistant for a sleek look and durability

  • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions

  • Made in the USA

Contractor’s Tonneau Covers


The BAKFlip CS tonneau cover is a great choice if you need the space in your truck bed for work or play. This Integrated Tonneau Cover has sliding racks that allow contractors, sport enthusiasts and many others to maximize their capability with ladders Kayaks Dry Wall etc., while providing optimum grip on all types of loads thanks to its load locks which are easy-to open once locked into place.

  • Sliding load locks (sold separately) and tie downs (pair included) help secure cargo in place

  • The only Tonneau Cover in the industry with a 500-lb. rack attached to the rail system

  • All aluminum construction guarantees extreme performance

  • Rust-proof rubber hinges allow convenient access of cargo


The BAKFlip CS-F1 is the ultimate Tonneau Cover for enthusiasts of any truck. It features fiberglass panel exterior construction and heavy duty design, which provide great utility in a pick up truck without sacrificing style! The integrated sliding rack system allows you to carry even more than before with ease thanks to load locks or tie downs that are included free when purchasing this product - don't let your cargo stay unsecured at nightfall because we've got everything covered here.

  • With fiberglass panel exterior and aluminum frames

  • Up to 500 lbs. evenly distributed load capacity

  • Works perfectly with other BAK Accessories

  • Stainless steel rack uprights for load stability

Rolling Tonneau Covers

BAK Revolver X2

If you are looking for the best protection and security when it comes to your truck, then this heavy-duty cover is exactly what you need. With vinyl that offers high quality in all areas including durability; there's no question about why people trust their covers with these! It also allows easy one handed operation making sure nothing can get past us - not even nature itself which often has surprises waiting around every corner (especially during rain)!

  • Low-profile design

  • Hinged, heavy-duty aluminum construction

  • Lightweight

  • Finished with high-grade vinyl

  • Easy clamp-on installation

Revolver X4 Tonneau Cover

You don't have to worry about protecting your truck bed anymore with the Bak Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Cover. A tough construction and finish will make sure that this tonneau cover is up for any challenge, but its easy operation means you can get back on the road in no time.

  • Made of aluminum slats

  • Matte finish with vinyl overlay

  • Features Rotational Locking Rails

  • Flush-fit design

BAK Toolboxes

BAK BAKBox Toolboxes

The best way to maximize your truck’s bed space is with a BAKBox Tonneau Toolbox. The specially designed box will fold away when you don't need extra room in the back for storage, and it can hold up quite well against even rough conditions thanks to its impact-resistant materials that are made from rust free aluminum alloys!

  • With sliding tray for extra storage space

  • Fiberglass reinforced polymer exterior and aluminum frame construction

  • Conveniently folds away for easy load access

  • Easy no-drill installation

About BAK Industries

With its tonneau covers and other essential accessories, BAK Industries has taken the utility of pick-up trucks to a whole new level. These quality products are known for their style as well as function; designed specifically with truck owners in mind who want to maximize use out their beds while still carrying something that looks good doing it!

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