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How To Choose The Right Lift Kit For My Truck

Choosing between a body or a suspension lift kit

Lift kits are a great way to make your 4x4 vehicle stand out from the rest. Whether you want an increase in ride height for looks or performance, there is no shortage of options when it comes down to choosing one! There's things that need consideration before going through with installation though - what exactly do they entail? How can I tell whether my stock truck will handle rough terrain without any help?"

Consider this before you lift your vehicle

-Lifting a car is an important decision because not only does it cost money, but there are other costs too. You may have to buy wheels and tires for example or maybe even change out certain parts of the drivetrain (engine). And lastly – what if something goes wrong? You don't want any regrets when all's said and done! So let’s take some time now so that we know exactly where our finances stand with lifting cars as well as having all the information available beforehand..

What is a lift kit?

There are a variety of lift kits available for almost any vehicle, from Jeeps to SUVs and everything in between. They all have one thing in common - they'll increase your height! A kit can raise the front or back end by 1-5 inches depending on what you want done; whether it be just cosmetic changes like adding inch upon precious metal rims (or not), performance enhancements such as off roading capability increased through steerable tires/wheelbase adjustments with improved ground clearance – there's something here perfect fit no matter how much money constraints may apply.

If budget isn't really an issue but style does, well we've got some options too.

When it comes to lift kit types, you have two options to choose from. What are the details, differences, pros and cons of each?

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If you're the type of person who loves to drive around in a truck, but want it to look more sophisticated and intimidating than what's out there now then this article will be right up your alley. We've put together four tips for picking out just the right lift kit that'll make any vehicle stand apart from all others!

Questions to Ask Before You Get A Lift Kit

What Type of Off-Roading Do You Plan to Do?

You should think about whether you want a smoother ride on the weekends or tackle roughest terrain daily. If getting in and out of your truck is more difficult, then consider picking one with extra effort involved when installing this lift kit.. (We think it's worth putting up!)

What Type of Vehicle You Have?

Make sure that the parts you install on your vehicle are compatible with each other. If not, it can lead to handling problems and even cause accidents during driving! The size of a car matters too - big vehicles need larger tires than small ones because they have less traction; while lifts will only work for certain heights based on their weight ratings (which vary).

Desired Tire Size

When deciding between a raised and lowered suspension, there are many factors that must be considered. One of these is tire size- check your own tires before making any decisions based on what's installed currently or how much you plan to lift yourself in order for better handling during different terrains like dirt roads versus city streets! If this isn't an issue for you then consider where exactly will I drive most often? A smaller upgrade might work best if my truck mostly sees residential areas with minimal off road time while larger upgrades would suit someone who uses their vehicle mainly professionally (or errands).


ESP Truck Accessories is here to help! The body lift option can tend to be a bit more inexpensive, and you still gain 1-3 inches of valuable lift. We'll answer all the questions that may come up in your mind about what will work best for YOUR fitted car care solutions at no cost whatsoever

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